Gladys Avery February 5, 2022

2022-03-17 | 16:30:59

Lorna Ward August 25, 2021

2022-03-17 | 16:31:10

Jessica Powell July 9, 2021

2022-03-17 | 16:31:20

"Rebekah is great at color and I get compliments all the time. I love how she colors my hair and have been coming her since she opened the shop years ago."
Cassie Roberts June 22, 2021

2022-04-26 | 21:43:10

"Axis is a beautifully appointed salon with the luxurious treatment you would expect from a larger city. I have had extensions, Kerstin treatments, Brazilian blowouts, wedding hair, and all the coloring treatments. Everything always looks impeccable. Rebekah is not satisfied if you aren’t!"
Morgan W. June 16, 2021

2022-04-26 | 21:43:20

"Rebecca and I worked to get my hair back healthy after another stylist had fried it. She was understanding and listened to what I wanted. I'm super indecisive so it took us about three colors to get to a color I was happy with (my fault completely). But I am so, so happy with my results. Axis Salon has a nice hometown atmosphere and I can tell that they really care. I am super happy. Thanks Rebecca!"
Britany Wade June 15, 2021

"Great salon and great people!!!"